A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.
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Thanks for listening, downloading, and supporting local and indie broadcasting. We've been having a really, really good time and we hope that you guys are too! 

On today's show:

-Tom’s wife goes into labor and Tom panics

-Tom hates Google

-Balls are the ultimate skin tag

-Lactation consultants

-MILF porn

-Sh*ts off!

-Birthday cake piñata

-Tom explains kids

-Tom almost burns his house down #AvocadoFire

-Hulk Hogan gets kicked out of WWE

-Dad of the year competition

-Tommy pouches his food

-Boogie boarding with the wizard

Thanks again for listening! We'll see all of you next week! 



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This week's "A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan" was pure insanity. I don't think that I've laughed that hard in a really, really, really, REALLY long time! We did news. We did emails. We talked to a hitchhiker but the best part to me was the "We're Going to Pay Your Ticket" Tom Vann challenge! Talk about things that we're NOT properly thought out! This might be the greatest mistake in broadcasting. Thanks to "Cruisin' Tony" for stopping by! If you're not already signed up for the "2016 Tom and Dan Cruise" feel free to grab all of the info at TomandDanCruise.com. Last years was amazing and we're really looking forward to 2016. It should be amazing! We have tons and tons and tons of brand new merch on the website - TomandDan.com. 2 new tank tops and 2 new t-shirt designs. Make sure and check them out! Great stuff. 

On this week's show:

-Car inspections

-Tom saves a turtle


-El Chapo



-Oliver Sponsors

-Publix Fight


-Sticker/ticket challenge

Thanks to all of you for listening and to all of you that took the time to catch us LIVE. We had an outstanding day today and we're so happy and thankful to all of you that support the show. 

Have a fantastic weekend and we'll see you next week!



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Thanks to all of you that joined us LIVE today. We have a great time and today was no exception. Today was nothing but madness and we are more than glad to have you along. Ok…today's show:

-Dan’s floss crazy

-Winter Park stink vine

-Tom wants to be a hero - Paul Vann

-Black Widow slap ass

-Wrestlers and port-a-potties

-Spacing out

-Pope in a Burger King


-Ross explains Risk

-$5 foot tits

-Mickey Mouse clubhouse discussion

-Boston Market

-We call guru massage man

-Dr. Fart

-Wash your butt in a laundry sink

-Uber Matrix


Have a great weekend and we'll see you next week!




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Hey there kids!

Thanks so much for catching us LIVE, downloading, or however the hell you get the show - we're just really glad that you're listening. Tom and I have been crazy with babies, baby mamas, and work lately so today was a fun, back to our roots, old school type of show. 

On today's show:

-Beer being spilled in studio

-Dukes of Hazard debacle

-Tom’s ramen noodle adventure

-Tom runs out of gas again!

-Babies and fireworks

-Hot tub monkeys

-Tom’s Craigslist stories

-Mccoy bread making scam

-Sheep stimulus package

-The toad who cried earthquake


-Wedding photos

-Implants and cremation

-Tom justifies his nanny

-People of Walmart

-Smuggling a yo yo

-Vigilante justice

-Caller with an ejaculation problem

Thanks again for listening and supporting indie broadcasting. It really does mean more than you know! We're having the times of our lives and we're just glad that we're able to share this with all of our wonderful listeners. 



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