A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

Hey there kids!

Thanks so much for catching us LIVE, downloading, or however the hell you get the show - we're just really glad that you're listening. Tom and I have been crazy with babies, baby mamas, and work lately so today was a fun, back to our roots, old school type of show. 

On today's show:

-Beer being spilled in studio

-Dukes of Hazard debacle

-Tom’s ramen noodle adventure

-Tom runs out of gas again!

-Babies and fireworks

-Hot tub monkeys

-Tom’s Craigslist stories

-Mccoy bread making scam

-Sheep stimulus package

-The toad who cried earthquake


-Wedding photos

-Implants and cremation

-Tom justifies his nanny

-People of Walmart

-Smuggling a yo yo

-Vigilante justice

-Caller with an ejaculation problem

Thanks again for listening and supporting indie broadcasting. It really does mean more than you know! We're having the times of our lives and we're just glad that we're able to share this with all of our wonderful listeners. 



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Thanks to all of you that took the time to catch the show LIVE today. At first, we thought that I was going to be out longer and that we’d have to piece together a Friday Free Show but I’m really glad that we didn’t have to do that. It was nice to get back in the studio and do work. I know that we both really enjoy our jobs and it was cool to share such a pivotal moment in my life not only with Tom, Ross, and Sam but also with all of you! I had fun today and I hope that you did as well.

On today’s show:

-Dan has a baby!

-Dan looked into the eye of the devil

-Kansas City switcharoo

-Off the grid baby

-Snowman of butts

-Cloth diapers

-Penis transplant

-Pee tube jeans

-Racist emojis

-Der stuka diarrhea

-Tom pays for another traffic ticket

-Envelope full of pubes


-Furry Road?

-Weekend at Bernie’s 2?

-Head casts

-Dyngus Day

On a very personal note – thanks again for all of the kind words, well wishes and kindness that you have all showed me and my wife. Although I consider this one of the most amazing and life changing events that me and my family have ever gone through, I am more than happy that I’m doing it along side the “A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan” family. You guys are the greatest group of listeners and supporters that anyone could ever ask for. Thanks so much for keeping our dream alive and we look forward to providing you all with more and more fun content.

All love,


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Thanks to all of you for downloading this week's show! We're more than happy to have all of you along for the ride! Other than both being damn near death sick, we've been having a fantastic time and we hope that you're all enjoying all of the new content that we've been pumping out. In case you're not really sure what I'm talking about, you've got a new "Gentleman's Guide to Manliness" and today we released the Arnez J interview. He's going to be at the Orlando Improv all weekend and he was a hell of a great interview! We think you'll enjoy both of those shows! A special note to Ross, who was unable to make it into the show today. We miss you, my friend, and we hope that you feel better very, very soon! Special thanks to Samantha for stepping up in his absence and doing a fantastic job on mic 3! You did a fantastic job - well f'n done!

On today's show:

-It’s Dan’s last cool birthday

-Ross isn’t here, he’s sick

-Embarrassing cars 

-Community college bum

-Eating fast food in your car

-Hiring people to do your work to save you money

-Caller talks about indentured servants in India

-Tom’s the Bill Gates of Casselberry

-Lebron James "D" slip

-Giving kids cell phones

-Ennis engrained with douche jockness

-We call Ross, he’s dying and hates Tom

-Crazy people lying about their life

-Foot jobs = Gator bites

-Mechanical engineer thesis?

-Sharks: do they bite more white people than black people?

-Tom has pulgas

-New segment: Does this make you gay?

-Tom’s pro-beastiality 


Thanks again to all of you that keep this show afloat. It's extremely hard for me to explain how import and meaningful that is to me and Tom. It's almost the more we say it the less effect it has but F it - it's true. We have the best listeners in the world and we could not do any of this without your support and it's so fun to have you all along for the ride. As I turn 39 today, you could say that I'm more than a little emotional about what we've created here. I just want to always be on the record as saying that we love and appreciate you all for your support and participation. I see so many other fake asses out there attempting to give love - but it's a little too late when you've turned your back on them and have treated them like "S." We do things differently here and we hope that you appreciate it as much as we appreciate you!

All love and have a great weekend!



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