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It's more than amazing having Jeff Howell on the show for a second time. We know that we sort of drug our feet a bit when we invited him for the first appearance and we damn didn't want to wait that long again. Jeff is a great friend and one of the people we miss the most from our times at Real Radio.

On a bit of a side note, all of the info regarding our 5 year anniversary "Soulabration" were released yesterday to BDM Members. This in no way means that our event is BDM only. I repeat, THIS IS AN EVERYONE IS INVITED EVENT. I just wanted to make sure and give that to all of you in writing so there's no question or issues. And yes, the event is at Ember in downtown Orlando and is on May 17th at 7pm. And yes, it is 100& FREE! You'll have to wait just a touch to get all the rest of the details but I assure you that you're really going to like it. (I might or might not have accidentally mis-scheduled a Tweet that went out Thursday night that had all of the information in it. For those of you that saw that, you can't thank technology and me not wearing my glasses for that one. Oh well!) There have also been a few people that say they did not get the info sent to them and they know for a fact that they're BDM members in good standing. (Gross. Only animals stand. Kidding.) If this is the case, please shot an email to Show@TomandDan.com and I'll look into that for you. Ok. Here we go!

On today's show:

Shout Out to P-nut

Dead Dad's Club

Mucus Plug

Dad Burps

The Bread Basket

Nanny Tales

D Gun

Tim - Juggalo Power

"Too Small to Even Care."

The Clam Hammer

Watching People Waste Time

To Catch a Pedophile

5 Year Anniversary

Mush The Horse

As always, major love and thanks to all of our guests for stopping by and being a part of the show. Also major love and thanks to all of you that download, listen live, buy the merch, show up to the events, and tell your friends about the show. Tom and I have a bit more news to share with you but alas we really can't talk about it just yet. We really think you're going to like it though and we're chomping at the bit to tell all of you. See, that's the best thing about this job. You guys are all part of it and are all part of the success of what we do. Even though we know that we're a very small upstart and we have a ton to do and learn, we're completely lucky to have each and every one of you around for the ride. We hope that you're getting a kick out of the entertainment that we provide and trust me when I tell you that this is only the beginning. 

See you next week!




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Thanks so much to all of you who tuned in today and by tuned in I mean people that used your free "Mediocre App" to stream the show to your mobile device. Today was a frigg'n blast!

We start the entire show off with an amazingly awesome and eye opening interview with tour (soon to be retired) comedian "The Amazing Jonathan." I'm sure almost all of you will remember this guy from the late 80's and early 90's. Thanks so much to the Orlando Improv for bringing him by the studio so we could do a full 45 minute sit down with him. Trust us when we tell you that you're not going to want to miss the stories that he told us. A crazier interview we have never had! Thanks again to Jonathan for being such a great guest and we hope to talk to him again in the near future. That was only the beginning. 

On today's show:

The Amazing Jonathan Interview

Ross' is mad at Tom & Dan for "Comic Blocking"

Ross' News

Congo Robot Traffic Cop

P-Riot Gets Whipped

Andrew Allen Interview - the guy who makes our themes! Check him out at KeysWithSoul.com or at bit.ly/jazzhero

Jimmy #159 checks back in for #259

Thanks again to all of you for checking out the show, telling your friends, and for the constant support. We're in need of more BDM members to help keep this thing going. If you're not already getting the 2 extra shows a week, 2 free parties a year, and other excluding BDM shiz…head on over to TomandDan.com and make it happen! We'll do our best to make you love every minute of it!

All the best,


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Today was an amazing example of a completely off the rails show. Did we have fun? YES! It was an amazingly wonderful release that I think we all needed. We’ve been so busy lately and I know that having to travel with a pregnant wife could be a bit stressful for Tom so this was a fantastic “pre-travel” day. What’s odd is when we have to do a show early. Why is it early? Partly because no matter how many times we tell you guys we’re taping early…you don’t remember. And partly because it sort of throws us ALL off. It just does. We’re used to doing the “Friday Free Show” on Fridays. That’s why we call it the “Friday Free Show.” There’s really no other reason. If it was the “Wednesday Free Show”…well…shit…you get the idea. So yeah…what was on the agenda today? We have no idea. What was the topic at hand? We have no idea. But it was fun and we really think that you’ll like it. Please enjoy and we’ll see you guys next week.

Special thanks to Ross and Tony Rage for taking the time to hang!

Have a great weekend!


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Thanks for taking in the show today. We really, really do appreciate you guys and we're glad that you joined us. Today was a fairly normal normal show although I will say that I dropped the ball in not producing a "Doctor Ross" theme song. I really wanted to have that happen before we hit him with more medical questions …but well…yeah. We've been busy. Thanks guys…we really appreciate you guys listening and supporting the show. 


You guys are the best and on that note…I'm going to now take my wife to dinner.


All love,




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Welcome to the show and thanks once again for taking the time to download it!

We're sorry that we had to do the show a day earlier but Tom and I will be heading to Seattle on Friday to take in a Sounders soccer match and then we're off to Portland to do the same. It's all part of us being the brand ambassadors for Orlando City Soccer. It should be a good time and we will be taping a few BDM Member's shows once we've settled in to the respective cities. 


On today's show:

Door to door

Craig's List Irish Rapper Interview


The Supervillains


Thanks to every one for supporting the show and we'll see you guys next week when we get back from our travels.


All the best,




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Today started off a little different than a lot of the days we have in the studio. Harkening back to our morning radio days, Tom and I met super, super early because Tom had set up an interview LIVE in the studio. Most of you that listen on the regular know that almost everything that we do, we do LIVE and during the recorded show. Now, let's be clear with something; we don't do this because we don't like pre-recorded interviews. It's just sort of the pattern of behavior that we've fallen into. Which is completely ironic because most of you don't catch the show live anyway…so who the fuck cares! Hahaha. With that said, we had the opportunity to have touring comedian Dan Cummins in-studio on the same junket tour for the Orlando Improv as all of the other regular, old radio stations. Look at us! All fucking grown up and shit! Amazing!

Dan was a fantastic guest and we hope that you really, really enjoy this unedited straight 45 minute interview as much as we enjoy conducting it! Don't forget that Dan is at the Orlando Improv all weekend and if you're going to see him, make sure that you mention that you heard him on "A Mediocre Time." He's a super, super cool guest and we were more than happy to have him on the program! To get more information on what he's doing, where he's going to be, and other things that he might be dabbling with, feel free to hit up DanCummins.tv. 


On today's show:

Angry T's and Muscle P's

The Two Scoot Freakout


Cussing at old ladies

Traffic Stories

Dr. Ross

Can't Wipe This



It was an awesome time! See you guys next week!


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This week's Friday Free Show was INSANE! And by insane, we mean that there was just so much going on that it was actually hard to hold the whole damn thing on the rails. First of all, we had a packed house in the studio and that always makes for more fun and more energy. What started off as just a normal Friday afternoon, soon became an interview with Steve Lemme, an interview that Tom set up that quickly goes off the tracks, and News from Ross that was the much needed structure that the show was urning for!

On today's show:

The Junkyard Dog

Oyster Bars bring people together

An interview with Steve Lemme

Rule #1 of Parenting: Don't Loose the Kid

A call from Dirty Jim

Tim Peterson - Men Talk

The Death Test

And everything else is just crazy, crazy, crazy filler.

Thanks to all of you that hung out with us live. A little reminder to all of you that may not have done that, if you have the time, you can do all of that from our "new and improved" @MediocreApp. (We did put an "@" in front of that because not only is that the name that you should search for in the iTunes App Store…but if you have any issues, feel free to Tweet to that account for all of your podcast App needs. 

With that said, thanks for listening and we'll see you guys next week!

PS - All current BDM's…we are going through the accounts day to day and because of the whole Target debacle, a lot of the BDM accounts have been delinquent and have been affected. Make sure that you check your email/junk folder/whatever to make sure that you're not getting anything from us. This will only affect cards that are expired or cards that were affected by the dreaded "Target Curse." Other than that, you should be golden!

Thanks for listening, kids. We love you all and we'll see you next Friday!



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First of all, thanks to all of you for all of the kind messages, Facebook hits, and Tweets about the passing of my Dalmatian, Izlee. For any of you who have been with the show for an extended period of time, you know that Izlee was quite vocal on the program and at times even battled Ross for the position of 3rd mic. He was a wonderful, wonderful friend that even pre-dated my wife Andrea so it was very hard to let him go. You guys sent me some really amazing messages and it really did make it easier knowing that other people got to enjoy him…even if it was for a timely bark now and again. But I thank you all.

We do address his passing on this week's show but that wasn't the only thing we talked about. We get a phone call from our friend Justin Clark, the vice-president of Cigar City Brewery to discuss the insanity that is Florida's beer laws. After that we dig into a few listener emails with Samantha. And finally we talk to comedian and writer for College Humor, Adam Conover about his latest viral comedy video which addresses "engagement rings." Sorry ladies. It had to be done. If you haven't seen it, it's embedded at the bottom of this page. Check it out. We think you'll really, really like it!

Thanks to Ross, Samantha, and our friend Brian for hanging out and always doing a terrific job and just a little note to the BDM Members out there. If you know that you're credit card is expired or if you got caught up in all of that Target credit card mess…you WILL be getting an email saying that you're account is delinquent. If it hasn't sat for too long, you should be able to jump into your account at TomandDan.com and make the necessary changes to your credit card information. But make sure you check those spam folders and whatnot because eventually your account WILL expire and then we'll have to start you from scratch.

Thanks again for all of the kind words and love yesterday and Tom and I will see you in a week!




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