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October 2014
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Thanks to everyone for downloading and for joining us live for today's "A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan" podcast! Today was pure chaos! we've had a bit of a rough day but everything got better she we cracked the mic and tried to "get it all out."

On today's show:

Listening and mowing

The "Bee Tree"

BK Kids Club

Schminken on Kids Faces

Liberian IHOP

Lina is Senile

"Brain Freeze"

Snoop Dogg's Family Reunion

Dad Mistakes

Abraham Schminken

It's just vapor!


Thanks again for listening and Tom and I will see you guys next week!



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Thanks to everyone for taking the time to download the show! We've really been having a great time on the show lately and thanks as always to the Orlando Improv for the help and for bringing Jay to the studio. He was so fun and real! He and his sister are the f'n real deal! Such good folks and we were more than happy to have them hang out with us! Much appreciated.

On today's show:

Bundle of Drug Candies

Tom Vann Expriment

Ross relives his 7-11 days

Tourette's Man


Chester Huffingpuff

All "Close Enough's"

Thanks for taking the time to download and we'll see all of you guys next week!


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It's one of the longest shows that we've ever done. Please enjoy...Bat Boy.

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Thanks so much to the Orlando Improv and to Tom Segura for coming and being a part of the show! It's very rarre that we get a fellow podcaster on the show - especially a podcaster who has been really, really successful at their craft. We love doing what we're doing and in the same vein, it's amazing to have another 'caster in here who is f'n killing it at the craft. If you haven't checked out his and his wife's podcast, then you've been living under a rock:


Peep that link and get in on it. 

On this week's show: 

Thanks to Tom. The better Tom.

Tom analyzes accents.

Captain Condom

High School Reunions

Quality T-Shirts

Ross is a doomsday prepper

Tom's blood test


The Parkinson Brothers

P Onions


Thanks to everyone for downloading the show and for being so cool! You guys are the reason that we do this and we couldn't not be happier at the way that things are going. Seriously. We love you and I'll see many of you guys tonight at The Orlando Improv to see Tom Segura!



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First and for most, thanked to all of of you for listening to the show! We seriously can't thank you enough! We have the best listeners in the world. As we all sit and watch the world of Orlando radio swirl in strange directions, isn't it great to have a nice little stable home that's only worried about making you laugh and smile? Yeah. We think that too. It's all out of the bag now but we are planning a "A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan Cruise" and you can find all of the info HERE: TomandDanCruise.com Make sure that if you're even the least bit interested in going that you fill out the form or call now! I'm going to go out on a limb and say that we are going to sell out of spots on this and it's going to be freaking amazing! TomandDanCruise.com

Other than that, on this week's show:


Cancer Cat - Garage Door

"Polly" Shore

"If we'd interviewed them."

Born Again Class

Bad at Calls

Australia - Fake Callers

Ron the Banker and his candy

Mustard on Pizza Rolls

Too afraid to call.

"Some say fear - some say respect."

Thanks to all of you for listening and for being a part of what we do. All love to the guys at TrinityTattoo.com for the amazing artwork that they brought to us of the studio. Andrea and I just got done hanging it in the studio and it looks amazing! You guys are fantastic and we're so glad that you're sponsoring the "Tom and Dan Cruise."

We'll see you next week!



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It's a great show. Just listen too it. Way too tired to type this out.


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Just a very, very, very simple and back to basic type of show. Sadly we were without Samantha this week, as she is taking in a concert. Other than that - it's just 3 dudes just shooting it and hanging out and having a good time. We hope that you enjoy. On a special side note, we'd like to thank all of you for making "A Corporate Time with Tom and Dan" the 23 most downloaded Comedy podcast in all of the land. So yeah. There's that. 

Thanks for listening and supporting the show and we'll see you next week!



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Thanks to everyone for taking the time to download and check out the show! We really appreciate it!

I'm tired so I'm just going to leave it up to you guys to fill out these show notes. Cool?

Thanks again for listening and we'll see you tonight at Ember Orlando or next week!



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Thanks to everyone who took the time to download, participate, and listen to the show. We're so lucky to have the greatest group of listeners EVER and the fact that you guys are all part of this is fantastic. Thanks again for being a part of this. On the forefront of this cast, please let me tell you that we're welcoming our friend SBK into the independent broadcasting wilderness. We love him and we're meow than excited to welcome him! If you haven't already checked out the SBKLIVE show, do yourself a favor and check him out. Just search for SBKLIVE in iTunes and if you do, please give them love and let them know that we here at "A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan" love them and love indie broadcasting beside them. 

So yes. This week, Tom gets drunk and it's pretty f'n epic. 

On this week's show:


Tom's riddled with anxiety

Grape Blue-dini

Toms Heart Attack

Ross' workout

Patty and the pickles

Bad birthday parties

Bully advice

Porn Audio


Thanks again guys! We love you and we'll see you next week.



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