A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan Show
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.
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Thanks to everyone for taking the time to either catch the show live, download, or listen while driving with a friend. We are "A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan" and this is out show. (Before we get to what was on today's show, there's new merch on TomandDan.com - new shirts - and also don't forget to vote for us for the 2015 New Media Expo - Podcast Awards. We're up for "Best Comedy Podcast" and "People's Choice." Throw us a vote if you can and don't forget to verify the votes. They make you verify via email so they know that you're not a robot. Crazy, huh?)

On this week's show:

Little Tommy's Tiny Logs


Good and Bad Pranks

A Call To Dan's Mom


Ice Cream Debate

First Birthdays



Java Jive

Tom Runs Out of Gas Again!

Thanks again for listening and for supporting the show. It really does mean more than you know. See you guys next week!



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Tomorrow is our 6 year anniversary. We'll see you then. Enjoy the show. 


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Thanks to all of you for joining us live and very special thanks to all of you that download. We know that we have the best listeners in the world. Bet me. No seriously. Bet me. I'll win.

For those of you that want to help us out with something - and we never ask you for anything - we're up for 2 awards for the 2015 Podcast Awards. We're up for both "People's Choice" and "Best Comedy" podcast and we would love to have your vote. Head on over to www.PodcastAwards.com and throw us a few votes. There is a trick though - apparently they want to confirm and make sure that you're vote is organic and from a human. They might email you and ask you to "confirm your vote." Please make sure that you do that or your vote will not count. Just saying. We're going to go out there to Vegas and lose yet another award - but let's at least give it our best effort, am I right? Thanks guys - seriously. You're the best!

Today's show is as old school as it gets - Tom brings up old arguments - Dan acts insane and threaten's to kill something - Ross gets tricked into a bad job for little money - Samantha is pretty and bored with the show. 

Yep - that's us. 

Thanks for downloading. Don't forget to checkout all of the new merch that's online and whatnot and we'll see you guys on the other side. 



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The ants are back. What more do you need to know?


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Thanks to everyone for taking the time to download the show. On this week's show:

Alcoholics or not?

Gay Marriage.

666 Anniversary

Pictures of the Dashboard

Raking Leaves

What's wrong with Tim Armstrong?

The World's Greatest Cheater



No Gurarantees.

Thansk to everyone and we'll see you next week!


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