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On this week's show we recap the big BDM bash that we had last weekend, the 2014 Orlando Weekly Best of Orlando Awards, talk to a few comics, and now I'm going on a cruise. Love ya. - dan

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Hey there dudes! We're going to make this one really, really, really short one because I have to head out to dinner with my wife and we've got a BDM event tomorrow and I'm trying to get a little bit of me time. It's funny because people always think that we sort of screw around and everything is all fun and games but it's really not like that - we do actually work. Today's show was a lot of fun but I will have to realize that when I don't drink during the week, and then I start to drink on Friday's it will get me drunk super, super, super fast. I have curbed all of my drinking during the week and now when I have a few beers I'm a total light weight. Wowie! 

On this week's show:

Hate the hippies

Beyond Scared Straight Video

Magic Money Socks

Tom's Hotdog Shame

SeaDoo BJ

Killer Bees

What's happening in the black community?

Tom & Dan Video Game

Marble Mouth Madness

D-Rugg call

Well lit belly button

Thanks for listening guys! We love you and we'll see all of you BDM's tomorrow!



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Thanks to all of you for joining us today on "A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan." First of all, we would love to thank all of the people that voted for us in the "Orlando Magazine Best Of" awards which ended in us being awarded third place! This is amazing to us considering that Orlando Magazine is considered a little bit more of an affluent publication. We are honored to be apart of a crew consisting of Johnny's House from XL106.7 and The Philips Phile from Real Radio 104.1 - 2 of the best  shows in Orlando. We are honored and we're not even on radio. Thanks Orlando Magazine!

On this week's show:

Tom Vann Personality Change

Buried alive with the tube

Crushed under cement

Show@TomandDan.com for Advertising

Johnny's Burger Bash

Tom and Sam - "Just Let Me Know."

Wine Blind - Helen Cellar

Do "The Tim."

"Not Safe for Little Ear."

Sir Peefingers


"I don't like mixing my hungry and horny."

Spraying the Ballz

Thanks to all of you for taking the time to check us out and be a part of the show. You guys are the greatest listeners in the world! Truly. We are SO lucky and love the fact that all of you are along for this ride.

See you next week…



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Thanks to everyone for taking the time to download. This was the first time in quite a long time that we've done what we would classify as a "regular" show - just the 4 of us shooting it.

On this week's show:

Tom & Ross have the exact same haircut

Emails (JUMBO edition)

Great Barrier Q....

Tom's Super Hero Business Model

Big Ol' Tesla

Muppet Babies 

"So You Wanna Be a Super Hero 2.0"

Thanks again for taking the time to download and support the show. Make sure that you tell a friend about it and keep checking TomandDan.com for all of the latest merch and for all things Tom & Dan. 

Don't forget to check me out on SBKLIVERADIO.com! I was lucky enough to be on their show this past week and it was a frigg'n blast. Check out "A Corporate Time with Tom and Dan" on Real Radio 104.1 and on that note…we'll see you guys next week. 



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Thanks so much to all of you for taking the time to download and be a part of the show. And, before we forget, Happy 4th of July! Today, Tom decided to celebrate America by having listeners to the show call in and tell us the horrible experiences that they'd had in other parts of the globe. Did it work? You be the judge. Personally, I'm still waiting on a ruling from judge Tom and the winner will receive a t-shirt and other Tom & Dan gear! (Obviously this is quite the departure for Tom as back in the day you could never get him to part with one of his precious f'n Tom & Dan shirts!)

On this week's show:

Tom and Dan's Tribute to America

Call Ross! He's Late!

Mexico Hell Story-The B.A.N.

South Korea - No Pants

Haitian Adoption Story

Germany Story - The Stripper Scam

Leo - Venezuela Real Man

Katy Perry's Big Balloons

Thanks again to all of you for listening and taking the time to download the show. We love you guys and we'll see you Wednesday for the NEW "A Corporate Time with Tom and Dan" show on Real Radio 104.1. It's debuts Wednesday nights at 7pm and will replay on Saturday mornings at 10am. Thanks to all of you for the support. Without the support and the created popularity we would never have the chance to even do anything like this. We're excited to bring more shows to you guys. Thanks again.



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Thanks to all of you for taking the time to either tune in to us live or download the show! We love you guys and we're so glad to have you guys along for this "mediocre" ride. So by this time, most of you know that we've got a new show coming out on Real Radio 104.1. THIS WILL NOT CHANGE ANY OF OUR SHOWS AT ALL. Not at all. We can not say this enough. The idea of even doing this show was never to change anything that we have that's already awesome and something that we love. The purpose is to do nothing more than to give a little bit more exposure to the shows that we already love. Combine that with the fact that we own it and well - you've got something that's truly NOT mediocre. So there's that. 

Please enjoy the show and Tom and I will see you next week!

All the best,



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First of all, thanks to all of you for your patience during the past week or so. It's been tough to say the very least but the amount of love and the amount of donations that we've seen from you guys is nothing short from attending. Truly. You guys are the greatest listeners in the world and Tom and Tom's family can not thank you enough. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. If you've got a few bucks that you'd like to lend help out, please go to DaisyVann.com and make a donation. One more time…thank you.

On this week's show:

Tom addresses his absence and DaisyVann.com

Door-to-door Poll Man Feels Uncomfortable

Dan had to buy monitors

"Dread length is important."

The Gump Run

Suck my Cochlea

We'll see you guys next week! Thanks for all of the wonderful, wonderful support.



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We're really sorry guys, but today's LIVE "A Mediocre Time with Tom & Dan" show will not go down as planned. Tom is off dealing with a family emergency so we're unable to record. (Crystal and the baby are fine. And please do us a favor and curb your want to tweet or Facebook him right now. Thanks.)

Our apologies for no new show. Please enjoy these free BDM shows as a little token of our gratitude to all who support us and help us do what we do. You guys are the best! 



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Off the rails? A little bit. It's not that often that we get an amazing surprise like a vista from "Jimmy #159." And it's also not that often that we get a visit from our "3rd Musketeer" and resident genius MediJocre. And then we got a visit from Tom's son Thomas! It was hells-a-poppin! But we made it through it and now it's all for you to enjoy or not. Thanks for listening, guys!

On today's show:

Tom's "doo-doo" belly shelf

Jimmy #159

Pizza "pre-talk"

Hemorrhoid Chasers

"The Pizza Challenge"

Used Jordan's


Off-duty over-zealous cop

Jack-man Begins

Thanks again guys! Your dedication and loyalty for the show is something that is truly amazing for me and Tom. We've been in radio or broadcasting for collectively over 25 years and it's more than amazing to have you guys along for the ride. We're having a blast and we're super proud to try and make you guys laugh.

See you next week!



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Today we had the pleasure of having comedian Jo Koy on the show! (Many of you might know him from Comedy Central, the television show "Chelsea Lately, guest spots on "The Adam Carolla Podcast," and from touring all over this fine nation of ours.) As with most of the comedians that we interview, I will say that Jo exceeded all expectations! Not only was he hilariously funny but he was also one hell of a great guy! Much love and thanks not only to him and his lovely girlfriend but also to Alex and the Orlando Improv for providing Jo with transportation to our studio. We've been getting more and more of these big name comics on the program and we know that we have all of you "scumbags" to thank for that. Apparently you guys are purchasing tickets and going to the shows and that's a fantastic thing! You help out the Improv and that helps us. It's a fantastic little relationship that we've got going here and lets do our best to keep it going! (If you're going to any of Jo's shows this weekend, make sure that you wear some T&D gear and let him know that you heard him on the show. I'm almost positive that the Improv and Jo would love to know that you got a chance to hear him.) If you need tickets or more information, call 407-480-5233 or head over to TheImprovOrlando.com. Great folks and if you've never been, it's a great room!


On today's show:

BDM Party Preview?

Dan almost dies from shrimp

Ross - Pepper Pants or Pepper Pockets

Ross' News


Coochie Cutters


Thanks again for downloading and supporting the show! It really does mean more than we could ever say. We try at times but words just don't express the amount of pride and gratitude that we have for the show and for those of you that support us. So until next time, be sure and follow us on Twitter - @AMediocreTime, search for us on Facebook, and we'll see you next week!



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