A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

Hi. Let's have a great weekend, right?

Our friend Big Tim stopped by the show to hang. (Some of you might know him better as Uncle Big Tim from TikTok. Tim has been hustling over on that platform and seems to have made a bunch of friends. Check him out!) We had Ross on the news which is always a delight, and we even had an update on the future of Butler with T&D Media. It was a damn fine day. 


On this week's show:

* Big Tim is here 

* Tim's driving to Texas for a comedy fest 
* Defeato 
* Very Bad
* Big Tim's TikTok collab with T&D
* The Lean Over challenge
* Murder by cobra
* Capones gun sold in auction 
* Korean parachutist 
* Disappearing 
* Ohio State license plates 
* Pig kidney transplant into human
* Pig bbq in a can 
* Puerto Rican biker gang clubhouse 
* SWAT team raid with Big Tim 
* Jukeaway challenge 
* Craft meth makers 
* Dad underwear drawers
* T&D storylines at Publix 
* Low tier baseball player is Dan's dream
* Is Daryl here?
* Taser the P
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