A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

Yes! We DID buy wacky, flailing arm, inflatable, tube men for our show. We’re not sure what the hell we’re going to do with them yet, but they have been acquired and are currently in our possession. That’s the most important thing that we did today. The show? Yeah. We did it. Still not as important. Have a wonderful and safe weekend and we’ll see you Monday! - d


On this week’s show:

* Inflatable Tom and Dan men 

* Faking Guitar Hero 

* Call with Jack Sweeney- UCF student tracking Elon Musk's jet 

* How we will escape a monster storming the studio 

* Bono Nelson 

* Ross had a gun pulled on him in traffic 

* Grubman/Grubhouse 

* Nukin Putin 

* Chewnobyl 

* Racoon falls in LSU dining hall 

* Solar light graveyard 

* Oliver Tree haircut 

* Ray from Sea Ray 

* Dan can't reach the Mountain Dew 


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