A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

Sorry. I just can't stop saying it! Thanks to all of you Twitch folks who caught the show LIVE. We very much enjoy having you there and we hope you enjoyed the show. Make sure you check out Ross' podcast! To get those T.O.T.S., go HERE: https://totswithross.libsyn.com/

On this week's show:

* Sanford events

* Having no AC in Florida
* Linda's La Cantina
* Double dinner
* Paying for someone else's meal 
* Favorite radio stars 
* Please don't smell my groceries
* Ross showering at the YMCA
* America's Got Talent is fake with golden showers
* Peloton instructor with one arm 
* Pillowcase rapist 
* Scam of the week- send Elon your bitcoin and double it
* Vet sells woman's dog after she raised funds for surgery through GoFundMe
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