A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

Join Tom and Dan on today's Friday Free Show LIVE stream for a jam-packed episode filled with exciting updates, hilarious discussions, and unexpected surprises. From new music releases to engagements, pregnancy announcements, and thought-provoking debates, this episode has it all. Dive into the world of Mr. Shaft & the Flushes and explore a wide range of topics, from family milestones to controversial news stories. Get ready for an entertaining and unforgettable show!

Full Notes:

- The episode kicks off with a brand-new song from Jackal, setting the tone for a fun-filled stream.
- Seth shares the exciting news of his engagement, spreading joy and celebration among the hosts and viewers.
- Traci's black belt test is a significant milestone in her martial arts journey, showcasing her dedication and hard work.
- The bonsai salute pays tribute to the artistry and beauty of bonsai trees, highlighting their cultural significance.
- Traci surprises everyone with a special announcement—she is pregnant! The team rejoices and eagerly discusses pregnancy-related topics.
- Gender reveals become a focal point of the conversation, exploring different approaches and the excitement surrounding them.
- The team delves into the C-sections vs vaginal births debate, discussing various perspectives and experiences.
- Baby names take center stage as the hosts brainstorm and share their favorite choices, sparking a lively discussion.
- The concept of "One shitter island" prompts humorous and entertaining conversations, showcasing the team's wit and banter.
- Tom shares a hilarious encounter with Mr. Shaft and the flushes, resulting in laughter and memorable storytelling.
- Dan receives emails from an old man providing humorous directions on how to work on his scooter, providing comedic relief.
- Grilled burgers become a mouthwatering topic as the hosts discuss their favorite recipes and grilling techniques.
- Tom opens up about his desire for his boys to earn a dog, sharing the challenges and lessons associated with pet ownership.
- The news of Porkies closing and the stolen pig sparks discussions on local news and unique stories.
- Bam Margera's controversial statement about smoking crack and the mention of Gram Margera add layers of intrigue and discussion.

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