A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

- In today's Friday Free Show, the hosts dive into various entertaining topics that spark laughter and intrigue.
- The conversation kicks off with a discussion about "Adult Marco Polo" and the concept of "swinging," delving into humorous anecdotes and playful banter.
- Dan shares a personal update, revealing his transition from watching traditional porn to developing an interest in "Classic Adult Cinema," leading to humorous exchanges and reflections.
- Tom's father-son adventure takes center stage as he recounts their experience at Fun Spot, including hilarious moments and memorable escapades.
- The Jackimo brothers appear, adding their unique flavor to the show with their charismatic personalities and entertaining anecdotes.
- Tales from the Big Lots parking lot extension cord unfold, sharing the legend and amusing stories surrounding this peculiar subject.
- Ross joins the stream to regale the audience with entertaining tales and experiences from the fireworks tent, offering a glimpse into the world of selling fireworks.
- The hosts discuss "Meth-mania" and share humorous and intriguing stories related to this subject, adding their signature comedic flair to the conversation.
- Ross's heroic act of saving a homeless man's life is shared, highlighting the compassion and kindness exhibited by the T&D crew.
- Sam previews "Shart Week 2023," teasing the audience with humorous insights and anticipation for this upcoming event.
- The hosts explore quirky topics, such as Tan Mom being compared to "Mesquite," a new Marvel character, and the humorous incident involving Britney Spears and an NBA player's security guard.
- Maisie's love for QVC shopping and amusing tales from "Baba Joe's VS GI Joes" add comedic moments and laughter to the show.
- The episode ends with Dan's humorous account of getting high/drunk, becoming mummified, and hilariously screaming at his family.

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