A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

- Get ready for an extraordinary LIVE stream as we welcome the talented national touring comedian, Luenell!
- Luenell joins us directly from the airport and graces the show with her presence for an extra-long first segment.
- Don't miss Luenell's two shows tonight and two shows tomorrow at www.theimprovorlando.com. Follow her on Instagram @luenell for more laughs and updates.
- Luenell shares her hilarious experience of getting drunk at the Usher Vegas show.
- Hear the incredible story of Luenell being scooped up by Dave Chapelle's private jet, along with other notable celebrities like Soleil Moonfry, Jaleel White, and Dane Cook.
- Discover Luenell's much-awaited Netflix special, presented by Dave Chapelle, and learn what makes it truly special.
- Prepare for some exciting whitewater rafting tales on Dave's request, and get insights into the thrilling Sphere in Vegas.
- Join the conversation as we discuss "passive pussy money" and delve into the intriguing topics brought up by Seth.
- Enjoy entertaining stories from Shart Week 2023, including "The dog sh*t my pants!"
- Seth's encounters with a kart boy and his hilarious Good/Bad segment involving puked nachos.
- Dan's amusing party experience and his initial fear of dementia.
- Engage with Zack from Ohio as he calls in, adding a unique perspective to the show.
- Tom's boys' fascination with Ohio and the captivating discussion about Seth's stop-motion troll video series, Lucifer.

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