A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

- The hosts kick off the show with one of the audience's favorites, the WifeCast!
- They delve into the mysterious topic of "Coochie Boogers" and explore what they are.
- Crystal shares her experience with Labyrinthitis, a condition she has been suffering from.
- The hosts engage in a fun segment of "Just give us a WHOA!" with exciting and surprising revelations.
- They discuss the art of putting in a trash bag liner and share tips on how to do it efficiently.
- Dream jobs become the topic of discussion, and each host shares their own ideal occupation.
- The concept of swinging is introduced, and the wives discuss their thoughts on such arrangements.
- Tom leads "The Airing of the Gripes," where they share grievances and pet peeves, like not being allowed to throw potato chips at a squirrel.
- Crystal recommends the documentary "The Deepest Breath" to the audience.
- The hosts talk about their sleep routines and the importance of a good night's sleep.
- A humorous debate ensues about who should buy soup and soap for the household.
- The topic of "white boy whispies" is explored, adding a lighthearted touch to the conversation.
- They discuss the nuances of CC notifications and their effects.

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