A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

**Show Notes:**

- Kick off with a special appearance from **nationally touring comedian Dan Cummins**.
  - Learn about his new YouTube comedy special, and explore the diverse range of content he offers. Dive into podcasts like "Timesuck" and "Scared to Death". All the details and his new comedy special link can be found [here](https://dancummins.tv/).

- Experience the "Cummins Curse" firsthand as internet glitches plague the show:
  - Video problems make for a comedic disaster during Dan Cummins' interview. With consistent tech issues each time he's on, the "Cummins Curse" nickname is born.

- Delve into the bizarre realm of internet sensations with "The Island Boys":
  - Ponder over their latest, somewhat incestuous video.

- Social interactions gone wrong:
  - The frustration of the phrase "You don't remember me, do you?" and Ross' personal encounter.
  - "Dying in social quicksand": Ross' term for navigating tricky social encounters.
  - Strategies for those dreaded moments when you forget someone's name.
  - Dan paints a vivid picture: A swamp hog devouring a hotdog, or something akin to that.

- Explore unique internet niches:
  - The world of DDLG.
  - An encounter with the mysterious "Mr. Purple".
  - A curious dive into the surge of Ugly Grannies adult websites.

- A nostalgia trip with a quick review:
  - Revisit the iconic Stephen Segal "Strut" song from 2004 and weigh in on its legacy.


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