A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

**Notes from Friday Free Show LIVE Stream**:

1. **Concert Woes**: Tom's less than enthusiastic anticipation for the NOFX show.
2. **Venue Gripes**: A collective groan about the Orlando Ampitheater, hailed as possibly the worst venue they've experienced.
3. **Staycation Tales**: Tom & Dan share their candid reviews about the Grand Bohemian.
4. **Orlando Underbelly**: Delving into the concerns over downtown gang issues.
5. **Home Nomo**: Exploring what it's all about and its implications.
6. **The Unpleasant**: A curious investigation into Feces gate and the notorious Doodoo Alley.
7. **A Mural of Mischief**: The mystifying case of the "Doodoo dot the wall".
8. **Cameo Scams**: The segment "Cameo Scameo" where Tom & Dan unpack the latest in celebrity video message frauds.
9. **Digital Realm**: A brief mention of the humorous "KnockedUpAndNaked.com".
10. **Granny's Secrets**: Dan's adventurous infiltration into a peculiar granny site.
11. **Scented Surprises**: Sniffies - What's it all about?
12. **Economic Trivia**: A light-hearted look at "Pump and dump".
13. **Ticket Turbulence**: Tommy's innovative yet confusing ticket system gets a mention.
14. **Fantasy vs Reality**: Ending on a fun note, Tom & Dan brainstorm about solving fantasy crimes.


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