A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

Thanks so much for the guys from the band Junior Doctor for hanging out with us. We love music and we've both been around a ton of bands but these guys above anything are genuine and super fun to hang with…you need to check them out and support these guys. They're on Warped Tour this summer so they just might be heading to a town near you! Make sure and let Mark, Richard, and Jarred know that you head them on the show! Check them out at JRDRMUsic.com and look for Dan in their new music video for their song "Uh Oh." He has a great mustache. 


On today's show:


Junior Doctor in studio.

Daniel VS Death.

Pill mills.

Asian Ghost hair girls.

Crazy…check. Fat…check.

Sex teachers.

Granny Bus Attack.

"Power Team Never Forgets.

JrDr Live song.

AMT Jingle!

"I control my diarrhea." 

"Cirque Style."

"Flush your butt."


Thanks as always for listening and be sure to check TomandDan.com to see when we have the new "Eat Your Peppers" shirts in. We're thinking that they're going to be done very, very soon…


All love,



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