A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

We're definitely back in the swing of things and it feels pretty nice. After the massive amount of crap that we went through a few months back, it's so good to finally feel like you're on solid ground again. Thanks to all of you that have been helping us out through support among other things. You scumbags are the best!

Oh…for you Android users…don't forget that you can pick up the new Android game WordaBugs today's sponsor of Ross' Lasers! It's a great little word game made by some fellow scumbags so help to support us by helping your fellow 'bags out by downloading and playing their game! Awesome guys…awesome game!

On today's show we had our friend Gary Allen or as you'll know him on the show…Jay Lenno. (Two "n's" so we don't end up in court.) Also:

The Swallows-Jizzum Wedding

Do NOT cross Jay Leno


Sweet water brewery sponsor

Paul Vann Magazine Man

Giraffe Dork Website

Shipping moonshine

Women watching porn


Dan is a minister

"Is that music to them?"

As always…thanks for listening and please do us a favor and head over to iTunes and rate us 5 stars and leave us a little review. It really helps us out…

See ya next week,


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