A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

Today's show was people packed and ACTION packed. Tom and I love it when we're able to have our friends over and just bullshit. Today we had touring comic, Pedro Lima and our entertainment friends Mike and Summer from Universal Studios. We also talk to our friend Paul from the West End Trading Company about his "Pints and Paws" event that he's got coming up on March 23rd. It's a completely pet friendly event and we're going to be out there with our dogs having a few beers and giving out a few "Tom and Dan" goodies. 

On today's show:

No power steering

Dan Cummings (Where are you? Where's Gary?)

Dan's College Studies

Red Ant Glove

American Flag Bikini

Ping Pong at Caddy Shanks AGAIN. Are you going to be there?

Tom and Dan 4 Year Anniversary Party at Hooch

Why Podcast?

Painting the Wings of the Airplane

High in Moral Fiber

Ring Chat

The Attack opening for Bad Religion

Tom's Wife SURPRISES in Studio

Pedro Lima in Studio

Morning Bang


McDonalds in a German Elevator

Exercising with Dan's Mom

Zippididoodah Race War


Carmen Morales calling from West Virginia

(Breathing out…) So there's that! What a great show and thanks to everyone for coming and hanging out at the studio. We had a blast today and so much of that has to do with Crystal, Andrea, Mike, Summer and Ross; the people that stop by and hang with us! Thanks kids…

See you next week! Don't forget to rate us 5-Stars and leave us a little review.

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