A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

Today's show was the thing that dreams are made of. Two hot guys that talk for a living combined with some of the most amazing beers that you've ever had EVER. Combine that with amazing news from Ross and you have one of the best shows that we've ever had ever. (Or that just might be the beer talking.) Thanks to Lucas from Cigar City Brewing, Alissa and Jarred from Brown Distributing for stopping by and giving us the 411 on American Craft Beer week which starts this Monday. Make sure and get your mouth's ready for some good a$$ beers! 

On today's show:

Gay Chicken

Jack Lemon

Maine Rappers

All about Peru

Santa Muerte

Gator Attacks


"Dead Giveaway"

Gray Raft?


Craft Beer Week

"The Magic Box"

Florida Beer Tasting

"Your artwork screams "good beer."

Beer Sprite

Tony Rage Lifts Beers All Day

Beer Chat with Tom and Dan



Squid and Tiger Penis

Thanks to all of you that listen and have been listening for quite some time. Tom and I have a blast doing this but mainly we get off on the fact that so many people seen to like the show. If you DO like the show and you're looking for something that you can do to help us out, please subscribe on iTunes and rate us 5-stars. Now, don't get me wrong, I know that there are those of you that dispose iTunes with a passion but as of right now, they are the best way for new and homegrown podcasts to get their names out there on the internet for FREE. We pay nothing to be on there and if we're rated highly it means nothing but free promotion. So…that's why you always hear us asking for you guys to subscribe and to rate us highly on iTunes.

Thanks os much and we'll see you guys in a week!


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