A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

On today's "A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan"…well…it's not really "today's" with the fact that it's been pre-recorded. Dan is heading to Washington D.C. to crap his pants on a plane and Tom is on his way to the Bahamas to go on a scuba expedition. So this show was recorded on Wednesday of this week but we assure you that it's just as "Mediocre" as any other show that we've done. Ross gives us news, we talk to a couple that work in the circus, and then we chat with a guy who's a correctional officer. (We'd love to give you more notes about this show but Ross didn't give Dan any and had to leave early so…there's that.)

Thanks to Rachel and Aaron from the circus for calling in. Thanks to Ross for his news. Thanks to our friend Jenna for baking us cooking and dropping by the show to hang with us. Tom and I will see you when we get back from our trips. Pray for me. I hate planes.


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