A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

This week's show was amazing; amazing in the fact that we were actually able to pull it off! Tom and I are great friends but at the same time I think our relationship works so well because we're both so different. I'm a self proclaimed "emotional crazy person" and Tom is a robot, void of all emotion and only deals with logic. Oddly enough, it's a fantastic mix. Tom's a little stressed right now and normally I would be too, but lately I've made so many mistake in my day to day life that I've sort of given up at even giving a damn about me and my own mental issues. Why am I type this to you? Because I'm in charge of the show notes and the "robot, void of all emotion who only deals with logic" is not.

On today's show:

The green berets of fat.

Tom is "atrocities man."

Realistic baby dolls.

No nipples is SO better.

Ben Rodriguez & Josh Whitehead from "Funny or Die."

Ross' comedy troop - Fat Lightning

"Waxing the Bassoon."

Manchester United Scumbag

Steve Foxbury & Matthew Fowler

"Blending Last Names."

Changes in the music industry.

Matthew Fowler plays live.

Thanks for listening guys…

We'll see you next week.


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