A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

It's more than amazing having Jeff Howell on the show for a second time. We know that we sort of drug our feet a bit when we invited him for the first appearance and we damn didn't want to wait that long again. Jeff is a great friend and one of the people we miss the most from our times at Real Radio.

On a bit of a side note, all of the info regarding our 5 year anniversary "Soulabration" were released yesterday to BDM Members. This in no way means that our event is BDM only. I repeat, THIS IS AN EVERYONE IS INVITED EVENT. I just wanted to make sure and give that to all of you in writing so there's no question or issues. And yes, the event is at Ember in downtown Orlando and is on May 17th at 7pm. And yes, it is 100& FREE! You'll have to wait just a touch to get all the rest of the details but I assure you that you're really going to like it. (I might or might not have accidentally mis-scheduled a Tweet that went out Thursday night that had all of the information in it. For those of you that saw that, you can't thank technology and me not wearing my glasses for that one. Oh well!) There have also been a few people that say they did not get the info sent to them and they know for a fact that they're BDM members in good standing. (Gross. Only animals stand. Kidding.) If this is the case, please shot an email to Show@TomandDan.com and I'll look into that for you. Ok. Here we go!

On today's show:

Shout Out to P-nut

Dead Dad's Club

Mucus Plug

Dad Burps

The Bread Basket

Nanny Tales

D Gun

Tim - Juggalo Power

"Too Small to Even Care."

The Clam Hammer

Watching People Waste Time

To Catch a Pedophile

5 Year Anniversary

Mush The Horse

As always, major love and thanks to all of our guests for stopping by and being a part of the show. Also major love and thanks to all of you that download, listen live, buy the merch, show up to the events, and tell your friends about the show. Tom and I have a bit more news to share with you but alas we really can't talk about it just yet. We really think you're going to like it though and we're chomping at the bit to tell all of you. See, that's the best thing about this job. You guys are all part of it and are all part of the success of what we do. Even though we know that we're a very small upstart and we have a ton to do and learn, we're completely lucky to have each and every one of you around for the ride. We hope that you're getting a kick out of the entertainment that we provide and trust me when I tell you that this is only the beginning. 

See you next week!




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