A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

Off the rails? A little bit. It's not that often that we get an amazing surprise like a vista from "Jimmy #159." And it's also not that often that we get a visit from our "3rd Musketeer" and resident genius MediJocre. And then we got a visit from Tom's son Thomas! It was hells-a-poppin! But we made it through it and now it's all for you to enjoy or not. Thanks for listening, guys!

On today's show:

Tom's "doo-doo" belly shelf

Jimmy #159

Pizza "pre-talk"

Hemorrhoid Chasers

"The Pizza Challenge"

Used Jordan's


Off-duty over-zealous cop

Jack-man Begins

Thanks again guys! Your dedication and loyalty for the show is something that is truly amazing for me and Tom. We've been in radio or broadcasting for collectively over 25 years and it's more than amazing to have you guys along for the ride. We're having a blast and we're super proud to try and make you guys laugh.

See you next week!



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