A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

Thanks so much to the Orlando Improv and to Tom Segura for coming and being a part of the show! It's very rarre that we get a fellow podcaster on the show - especially a podcaster who has been really, really successful at their craft. We love doing what we're doing and in the same vein, it's amazing to have another 'caster in here who is f'n killing it at the craft. If you haven't checked out his and his wife's podcast, then you've been living under a rock:


Peep that link and get in on it. 

On this week's show: 

Thanks to Tom. The better Tom.

Tom analyzes accents.

Captain Condom

High School Reunions

Quality T-Shirts

Ross is a doomsday prepper

Tom's blood test


The Parkinson Brothers

P Onions


Thanks to everyone for downloading the show and for being so cool! You guys are the reason that we do this and we couldn't not be happier at the way that things are going. Seriously. We love you and I'll see many of you guys tonight at The Orlando Improv to see Tom Segura!



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