A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

There's so much going on! Tom and I are sitting in the studio right now, putting the finishing touches on all things "T&D" and everything that is one of the busiest weekends of our lives. 

For those of you that are coming out to Ember Orlando tonight, it will be more than good to see you!!! For those of you that will be at the "Tom & Dan Bad @ Business BeerFest" tomorrow - it will ALSO be good to see you!!! And for those for you that made it the entire weekend and will see us Sunday at "Sofa and Suds" in Sanford on Sunday…let's just say that you are truly soldiers and we're glad to be hanging with you! 

We'll be honest with you…today's show was odd because we have so much going on. We didn't know whether it was good…bad…good…bad…bad…good…whatever the hell. Let's just say that for ever little victory that you think that you have with a small business - there are at least 1000 setbacks and things that can go wrong. Moving on…

On this week's show: 

Bob's Big Jim Peppermint

Guy Torry


Tom's Treasure Chest

Blame Everything on the Listeners

Witch T's

Pain Pills

Tom Hates Fun

Tom Vann - Racist Scientist

Thanks to all of you for your support and for listening to the show! 

We'll see you at some point this weekend!



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