A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

I love my job.

Not only so I get to hang out with the funniest person that I've ever met (Tom Vann) but I get to interview comics and also make mischief for my job. To me, it's truly perfection. So yeah - here we go. On today's show:


-Tom’s t's

-Tom cooks for his nanny

-Human DNA in pork?

-Subway Jared’s disturbing audio

-Pedophiles have good candy

-Baby monitors

-Seth Petruzelli is here

-Keep the change

-Sharing your wife

-Seth’s new job with the WWE

-Japanese doll wrestling


-Seth has all the roids

-BDM ticket challenge

-Slightly more boring Billy Badass


We're still working on the new studio and hope to have a new update for you guys next week. I've been trying to document it all for you but as with everything, it's a really slow and boring process. I promise new updates very, very soon. Please enjoy the show and thanks for the love and support. All BS aside - we are the only indie broadcasters in this town and we're not only completing with the bigger broadcasting outlets but we're beating them!!! We scare them and we f'n love it. So on behalf of myself and Tom - we'll see you next week!


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