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Hey there kids…

“The Swervey Jones Show” just left the studio and I’m here picking up the pieces! Those mother f*&kers go hard! Seriously. Be sure to check them out – Google the name – you’ll find them.

On this week’s show:

-Swervey Jones and Trey are here!

-Video games

-Big Tim Murphy is sitting in!

-We call Andy about crazy Skydiver

-Grizz calls us from the warzone

-Qatar color run


-Tim’s Tuber

-Shaking the lettuce

-Furry conventions

Thanks to all of you who catch the show live, download the show, and use the new Mediocre App. We’re really just trying to make the show fairly easy to find. Soon enough, all of the ACT shows will be on the app so you won’t need to go anywhere but the Mediocre App for all new content.

Thanks for listening and I hope you know that we love you guys!


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