A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

Here's your Friday Free Show just a touch early. 

I'm actually about to fly out as I type this and you guys know that we really don't like missing a #FFS so we hope you enjoy this one that was taped on a Wednesday. Apologies for there not being any detailed notes. As most of you know or maybe not, Samantha is the keeper of the notes and if she doesn't take them, they don't get done. 

With that said, be sure to check out the website and all of the new much that is in the merch section at TomandDan.com. We've got towels for BDM's, tank tops, and all sorts of new stuff. People have been asking if we're going to be getting more of those Tom and Dan lapel pins in and the answer is yes but we think that we're going to switch up the design a touch. What can we say; we get really bored with stuff and always want to keep changing and evolving our designs so all of us never get bored. 

Have a wonderful Friday morning and we'll be back LIVE next Friday! Oh, and BDM shows will be out on Monday as usual. We have a really cool "professional sports" themed show for you on Monday. The only thing that you'll be missing is the OG which will be delayed but released on Tuesday! 

All the best and talk with you then! 


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