A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

Hey there gang! 

Tom and I both hope that this show finds you well! Once again, I'm coming at you via the Dennis family kitchen table. Maisie is on the floor right next to me building the world's tallest Duplo train. (Sorry if that's a little too "Dad" for you.) This is what my life is on Saturday mornings - coffee and legos. 

Yesterday was a lot of fun! It's always fun when we have old friends in to just hang and shoot it. Our good friends Lil' Red and British Lee stopped by to hang out and it was SO good to see both of them! Red will be moving soon to Chicago and many of you know that we will be losing a really great guy and Chi-town is gaining some great people. On to the show!

On yesterday's show:

-Last show of 2016

-Dusty Muscle Milk

-Christmas of nightmares

-Tom’s trip to Old Town

-Tom’s whole family got sick

-Death memes

-Rat house update

-Worst Christmas gifts

-Prank wars

-Old intern Lee is here

-Ross recaps the final Tumbleweed

-Dan push up challenge

-Ticket challenge for December

-Rat house remixes

-New Year’s resolutions

I hope you all have an outstanding last weekend of 2016 and I promise you that Tom and I will come back better than ever in the new year. We have a lot of new things planned and we think that things are only going to get better! 

Love you guys!


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