A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

Hey there T&D family! 

Is everyone digging this rain ass weather as much as I am? I'm once again at the Dennis Family Breakfast nook typing this out and listening to a little bit of Lagwagon's latest album. (I'm not sure how many of you like Lagwagon or have their latest album but I personally think that it's f*cking fantastic. It's entitled "Hang." Get on it, dirtybirds!)

Yesterday was a really, really fun show. Why you might ask? I think a good majority of it had to do with the fact that I wasn't subconsciously drowning my post-holiday sorrows in massive amounts of alcohol. (I'm going to be real here and it might get a little heavy.) I think that I have a pretty regular decline every holiday where my alcohol consumption increases when dealing with Christmas and New Years. Is it because my Father is no longer here to celebrate with me and my new daughter? Perhaps. I'm not going to sit here and make excuses. The shows are not as much fun when I spend just as much time attempting to lubricate myself and a brain that I just can't seem to turn off as I do working. I was able to show restraint and moderation yesterday for the first time in a hot minute. I had more fun and I think the flow of the show was more fun for me and the gang. It might also help that there were no people hanging in the studio - it was honestly just back to the four of us shooting the sh*t. I can get down on that. We all hope that you had as much fun as we did. 

On yesterday's show:

-New song from DJ Dark Nasty

-Potty training


-Wish U Enjoy New Year song

-Tom has to bring the nanny to Colorado

-Ross got a snake

-Samantha’s crazy uber driver

-Donating sperm

-Awkward family situations

-Neck chop

-Django Jack it

-High pitched Ross

-Break the shark

-Soulja boy vs Chris Brown

-Bobby Brown’s intestines exploded

Like I said, I really hope that you guys have as much fun listening to this as Tom, Ross, Samantha and I all did creating it and I promise that the show will only get better and better. And for those of you in the BDM Facebook group that have been keeping up with me and the infamous "mystery" sound, I think that I finally beat it. It's more of a bandaid than a full on pinpoint and fix but at least for a while I don't think that we'll be having to deal with it. For those of you that grew to love our new friend some have referred to as the ghost - I apologize. Stuff like that can be fun - you know - when things are rough around the edges. There's a certain charm that comes with that but for me, this was more of just something that screamed unprofessionally and Tom and I really try to hit all marks when it comes to the audio quality of the show. But worry none the less, I'm sure that in just a small matter of time there will be another issue that creeps up and we can make "that one" the new drinking game. 

All love,


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