A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

Hey there gang! 

I hope this finds you well and sorry that the show notes are so darned late. The weekend sort of got away from me and I've really been trying my best to step away from working at all times. Tom and I are both really, really, really bad about that. So, apologies for being later but we're busy as all hell. 

On this week's show:

-Kevin Lyman, founder of Warped Tour calls in

-Tom’s OneWheel crash with the kids 

-We call Dan Cummins

-Anxiety bat and emotionless robot

-Changing diapers 

-Adrenaline drinking

-Nuru massages

-Cobra McCoy

-Spokane Spanker

Thanks for joining us and for all of the support that you, as listeners, give us! You guys are the freakin' best and we could never do this without any of you! 

See you next week,


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