A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

Hey there gang! 

Tom and I hope that this message finds you all well on this beautiful Saturday morning. I'm doing my normal Saturday thing - watching Mai run around the living room on like a 9000 and I'm guzzling copious amounts of Diet Mountain Dew in a piss-poor attempt to wake up. It’s “The Dennis Way.” It’s sort of sad. Haha…

So - we really can’t thank all of you enough for the responses that you gave to our first annual Tom and Dan Charity Foot-golf Tournament! It looks like when it’s all said and done, that we’re going to be pushing about 15K for The Yellow Brick Road Foundation and that is just simply astonishing! You guys hear Tom and me talk about the love that we have for our children almost daily, so to help a children’s charity out like this is so important to us. None of this would be possible without all of you than please know how much it means to us. I can remember talking about this years ago with Tom; how when we go out on our own, we will be able to control our charity events and make them 100% true charity events where every dime goes to those in need. Thank you for this. This is definitely a bucket list type deal for us and you have made us two of the happiest broadcasters in the world. Orlando and the children that live here are very important to us! I can’t say it enough. Thank you.

This week’s show was mega fun and on a side note, we hope that you’ll join us later today at Red Cypress Brewery for our “Crazy and Lazy” beer release! These two beers are incredible and are extremely limited. I’m going to be heading out there soon with my entire family and I’m really looking forward to seeing all of you for some games, beer, and laughs.

On this week’s show:

-Tom makes Crystal run out of gas

-Columbo Jumbo

-Tom’s sass meter is broke

-Sales whistle

-Tom’s a baby

-Rope swings


-Uncle Remus the Penis

-Alice Cooper

-White lives splatter

-Drinking my lazy

-Foot golf bids


Ok. I think that’s about it for now. We’re going to have some really cool beer merch out there today too so be on the look out for that as well. The Danger Brains did an amazing job with all of the branding that we’re using for the beer cans, that we decided to make a shirt out of it. (We did the same thing with our “Middle of the Road” beer. Some art is just too damned good to waste!) I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday and many of you - I’ll see you later!

All the best,


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