A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

Oh hey, guys,

It's Lee here. Helping take some workload off the guys so I'll be taking over the posts for the page. I was going to post about how great Dan Marino and Simpsons quotes but Daniel thought that was a bad idea. (I have a ton of those). Anyways, I'm rambling...I'm gonna play some Xbox One while I walk on my fancy new treadmill (Thanks, Sam!) The show was a ton of fun today and really went off the walls. Chris Fisher from BYOCB and his intern stopped by, we spoke to an OLDDDDDDD friend of the show and I finally got us on the Eagle's new show.


-Dan dyed his beard

-Erik Weber calls in

-Horty Torty

-I’ve never made muffins in my entire life

-Hair caught in foreskin

-Catching greased pigs

-Suicide Meat

-That’s a lotta cats!

-Tom’s bundle of raccoons

-Duck McStuffins

-We call the Jim Colbert show

-Dick Titty


Hope you all have a solid weekend and don't have a full frog freakout like yours truly. Peace and love, stay in school and listen to Black Sabbath.

(British) Lee

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