A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.


Hope you're doing good. Busy week for us all on the show. Doubled on ACT shows since Mr. Vann will be away next week for his 10th Anniversary (Congrats to Tom and Crystal). He's going to the Bahamas till the 2nd...before we go to the Bahamas the week after. Either way, we got things done. We also got some of our local podcast friends to record a segment each, that will air during ACT. So stay tuned for that.


*Champagne Problems.

*Dan is Little Daddy Doo Doo.

*Aggressive BJs.

*The Big Open Faced Sloppy.

*Doobies Cause Boobies.

*Green Round Grenades.

*Credit Card Scams with Big Tim.

*Booty Calls Japanese Porn Game.

*Big Tim Stops By.


Looking forward to some time off next week. I hope you all enjoy the show and enjoy your weekend. Big thanks to all the Twitch donations and all the new followers. You make life a bit easier for us all. Stay in school and party hard.


Your friend,


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