A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

Oh boy,

This show got off the rails quick. One of the more interesting and bizarre guests stopped by. You're really gonna enjoy this show. Other than that, it has been a crazy week. Tom and Dan have been all over the city promoting the documentary. Tickets are still available for the Dr. Phillips Center show (shameless plug). 


-Doo Doo Flies are Back.

-Kirk, the Documentary Director, Stops By.

-Tom and Dan Fan Fiction.

-Pee-Pee Cup.

-Hold in a Fart and Explode.

-Kids in Bars.

-Lee's Fake New Friday Game.

-Hand-Job Genie Comes In.

-Bubba Calls the Show.


Lots of HJ conversations on the show today. Hopefully, you learn something new. Hope to see you all at both film premieres. Now I'm off to Porkies with Sam and look at all the nice food I can't eat because I'm stupid and eating healthy.

Listen to the Melvins.

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