A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

Wow...well, that was a thing.

No really. I didn't think that today was ever going to end. We started the day, and everything was great, but then the studio had another massive power surge and again, I'm having to dig into my computer to recover files that I should never be searching for. (You f'n hear that APC...you guys f'd me for the second time. No more. I've got to figure something else out - something better than that.) Never anyone mind - I got it all figured out, and the show is completed, but I will say that it was NOT easy. 


(Tooting on my CBD pen to calm the F down.)


On this week's show:

-Don’t wax my apples

-Dusty ti**y mug

- Lifesavers

-"The Deltona Weiner Boil"

-Catch her while she’s sleeping

-Tricky bird bj

-Call Granny Beth

-Lightning strikes the studio AGAIN!

-Tom wants to pack for Andrea

-Tiki Duck


Thanks to everyone for listening, tuning in and participating on Twitch, and for being the best God damned listeners in the world! We would be nothing without you guys, and we certainly appreciate all of the love and support. Hopefully, we'll see all of you guys tomorrow for our 9-year anniversary party. 

All love, and we'll see you guys tomorrow if I wake up after sleeping. :)


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