A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

What an f'n show yesterday! Holy moly, that was a good one! 

I love me some John Busdeker, and it's always great to have his level of AUTHENTIC positivity vibe through the studio. Bus is a great guy, and it makes all of us here at T&D Media happy that his Orlando60 deal is flourishing. I don't think that there are many out there more worthy of some success. Make sure you check out Bus' videos and support of the excellent local businesses that he chooses to showcase. 

For those of you that were waiting to see what we were going to do with Butler as punishment for him almost ruining the charity footgolf tournament, you're going to have to sign up to be a BDM member. Tom made the executive decision of deciding that we would handle this matter privately (on the BDM show) on Monday. Hahaha...so, if you're going to want to be a part of that mess and you're not already a BDM, I think now would be one of the best times to sign up. So there's that. (Sorry Butler but you F'ed up in a HUGE way! Hahaha...) Tom's 90's pouch is throbbing.

On this week's show:

  • Seth has a Little Foot mushroom
  • Post-traumatic Migraine Disorder
  • Tom broke his non-vomit streak 
  • Crystal and the chicken bricks
  • Tom is a puke stander
  • Tom and Crystal are getting rid of the nanny
  • Esports
  • Braggy Beaver Jones
  • Busdeker tried out for Predators: Nerdio Jones
  • Seth and the Sugar Sweats
  • #NotGreg
  • Virtual backoff
  • Richard the Adequate stops by
  • Busker rules

Thanks again to Busdeker and Richard the Adequate for stopping by. Richard is another cool dude - he popped in and then just as quickly as he popped in, he popped out! A busker's life is never dull, and I got the feeling that staying one spot, even for a little interview put Richard in an awkward place. If you happen to see him downtown, give him some good ol' BDM love and throw him a few bucks for a trick. It will put a smile on your face and is a minimal gesture to a good soul. And on that note, we'll see you guys Monday. (Especially YOU, Butler! HAHAHA...)

All love,



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