A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

Hey there, gang! 

Before we get to the notes, here's how to find us! 

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On this week's show:

* Dan and Lynze Cummins are here

* Cult leaders

* Vodka or Notka game

* Thinking box/Jacking off box

* Casey Anthony and O.J.- Big arthritis D

* Timesuck topics

* Casey Anthony

* Toy Box Killer

* Vikings

* Moon landing

* Andrea stops by 

* Crystal scared the boys with Judge Doom

* The Flat Man is here

* Peeping Tommy

* Dan the single dad

* Dumb old man challenge

* Midnight jibber

* Sam got walked in on AGAIN- Pissing box

* Mail on male 

* N-word in songs

* Nudist resorts


On that note, please have a wonderful weekend and we're excited to be back with you guys on Monday to have a few more laughs - because let's face it - this shiz lately is depressing as all hell! 

Love ya,


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