A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

Hey there, gang! 

Before we get to the notes, here's how to find us! 

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On this week's show:

* Butler chopped his long balls

* Tom offends Seth about his karate

* Seth's search for roofing tiles

* Real-life ninjer

* Tom and the PTA podcast

* Audio urethra

* Guinea pig getting water

* Banning dogs in establishments

* Service dog pushing a soldier in a field

* Red meat might not be that bad for you

* Obese-Wan Kanobi

* Kick that dookie out

* Aaron Carter's pulp piss

* Painting with turds coming out- Seth's ass

* Animal attacks

* Mail on male

* Poo poo waterfall

* Woody No-hairellson

* Memories of the past 10 years


Hey ya'll...this is insane. As I type this, I'm the only person left at the studio and I sort of like it like that when I'm editing. This is a strange man's happy time. I'm so happy to be celebrating this with all of you tomorrow - downtown at Wall Street Plaza. (Google it!) BDMs...please get there around 5:30-6 pm and everyone else - either sign up to be a BDM member or just get down there at like 7 pm. It's a free party and might be the last one that we do for a hot minute. I've already been here too long and I've got to get home but you guys are the best listeners in the f'n world and we're so glad to celebrate this milestone with all of you! 

All love,


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