A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

Hey, there gang!

Apologies for the notes being a few days late but it was important for me to enjoy a fine Taco Bell dinner with my family and undisturbed. Yep. That's really what we did. Now, on to the notes:

On this week's show:

Dan's bday- 44 OLD!

* Mastering masturbating

* Evolved Fights

* Stanima Jones

* Papus pillow

* Guess Who and board games

* Fatso Buttcut

* Snooping on phones

* Sharing misinformation

* Couple "rehomes" autistic child

* Seth's turtles die

* The Villages documentary 

* Shop LC

* Bargain Alert!!

* Bloodwork

* Dan watches Star Wars

* Butler's candy shame


Have a great week, guys! We love you and thanks for pressing play, ya'll. - d

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