A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

Hey there, kids! 

Canoe Dildos for all, am I right? How are you guys? How the hell are you doing? So, I certainly have some notes to place here but I'm running late because we went late on the show. So, enjoy this shortlist and I'll fill this out a little bit better tomorrow. All love and have a wonderful weekend!


On this week's show:

* Max got sick- Wuhan allergy

* Hold your piss like a man 

* Tom peed in a big blue Bart cup

* Tom's eye exam

* Put me down for 1 snake oil and 2 stones

* Ross' news

* Tom Vann escape math 

* Hiding at work 

* Ross decorates his house with fake rats

* Butler's ex-girlfriend's cat caught a flying squirrel 

* Vivid radio

* Rock that clit

* 3 Men and some gravy

* Kook of the day 

* Anessa check in 

* This pump is for Carol 

* Complaining about porno

* Canoe dildo 


See ya'll tomorrow and thanks for supporting the show. You guys rule. - d

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