A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.


We hope that these podcast notes find you well. We're closing up shop, editing videos, and about to get out of here for the day. With that said, peep the new logo for the year! We're more than stoked about it and the fellas at The Danger Brain did a bang-up job, and always do to make us look rad. Thanks, fellas. 

So on this week's show, we had the whole gang - Seth on the news and an appearance from BOTH wives! Can you f'n believe it? Let's do this:

* Tom is hangry 

* Tom's gums are bleeding
* Passing on oblivious traits to Tommy
* Choplocked
* Homeless Harry Pots "episode" in the street 
* Concrete Mike calls in 
* Seth cries during Karate Kid
* Miyagidook
* Queer eyed- Seth crying
* White Castle vs Krystals
* Microdosing ayahuasca
* Trash tapas
* Crystal stops by 
* Farmer killed by dog 
* Butler's didgeridoo
* Lawn ornaments 
* Special needs gift-giving- Plastic soup bowl 
* Cancerous gooch cramps
* Orlando girls eat butt
Have a wonderful weekend, my friends! I know that we might be limited in what we can do while this stupid pandemic is going on, but let's at least be safe. All love and thanks for listening. - d
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