A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

Hey there folks!

You find me in a bit of a pickle as I try to edit this Tik-Tok video that we promised you guys! (If you don't know about TC and Sam's Tik-Tok Super Bowl bet, then you might want to go back a few shows and catch up!) But the video is up after many a curse word or 5 but it's there. Make sure you go and give us some love on the "TT." Just search TomandDanLive. We tried to keep most of it, if not all of the names the same. Ok. On to the show:

*Nothing to see here

* Sam's silhouette challenge

* Whoopee stories from the BDM page

* Mike B with the news

* Dicks out energy

* Eduardo Cubano

* Maskless grocery store

* 22 pounds of meth

* Butt slut * Guns n Noses

* Out or in? Nose ring challenge

* Tom hides Pig Tits painting during meeting

* Bam Margera meltdown

* Throwing Lombardi trophy


I gotta get out of here and see the fam!

Have a fantastic weekend and stay safe out there! - d

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