A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

We back baby. 

This was a fun time that I would prefer talks for itself. Not to listener - if the notes are long, then the show was sh*t. Have a wonderful weekend and listen to more and more 80’s country music. 

* Butler asked Seth to sign a Kimbo Slice action figure. He cried.

* Chungus Glorioso vs Seth - Bloodwork 

* Raise your glide, bro!

* Logan Paul vs Mayweather

* White Claw Surge

* Beer Spa

* Long boi duck- Big ass duck

* Wedding dress approval 

* Seth wants to freeze his head 

* Tom was logged into Sam's FB account 

* Aggressively tying squid shoes

* Generational gut

* Pfizer farts

* Gina= China

* Butler unplugged the security cameras 

* Longboi plugs

Have a great weekend! - d

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