A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

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On today's show:

We've got Samantha filling in for Ross. He's home with a sick kid and wasn't able to make it in today. We love him and his family and we hope that his little guy is feeling better. All love from T&D.

Brad and Charlie from The Attack and Enemy Ink come in today to talk about their new tour and about the t-shirt printing business. Have you heard of The Attack? Check them out at www.theattack.us …they're a killer band and great friends of ours. Their new album is called "Too Punk For The Hardcore Show/Too Hardcore For The Punk Show" album is out now…and it's frigg'n fantastic! Go buy it now!!! Their on tour right now with the f*cking Misfits! Can you believe that!!! That's insane. Make sure and help out those guys by downloading their music and if you're in their area…make sure you head out and check out the shows! www.theattack.us

We also get another movie review from D. Rugg. We're going to start calling this segment "Beat This Movie Down."

There you go...

See you next week…


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