A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

Welcome to another Friday FREE show and thanks to all of you for joining us! Today was a big day because we finally released the song that we've been waiting so much time on to the world; "Hark! Sons of the Grand King (The Legend of Dragon Titties) Part. 1" and you can get it free at TomandDan.com or by subscribing to our podcast on iTunes. And there are shirts to go along with it so if you want a limited edition "T&D Tour Shirt" grab one now from the merchandise section of TomandDan.com.

On today's show:

Tom & Dan's new song

Smash it or Trash it!

Nazi-section aka The Slitler

Tom's Nanny Pyramid Scheme

Ross' Improv gig

Matt Woods calls in

Real Man tasks

Crazy neighbors



Thanks to every one for downloading and taking the time to subscribe and leave reviews. When you do that, you really, really, really help out the show! The more reviews and love that we get online, the more love we get on iTunes which really and truly helps to expose people to the show. Thanks so much! You guys are the best!

We'll see you guys next week…


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