A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

Hey there guys! Dan here and we're back on the ground. Apologies for the show recap notes and posting, once again, being a little late. As many of you know, it was my 5th wedding anniversary yesterday so I had to take the little lady out for some Japanese goodness. I thought she was going to keep over the table and kill me for my sushi. Unfortunately prego ladies have to avoid raw fish - who knew? Hahaha…duh. 

Tom and I really did have a fantastic time in both Vegas and LA and hopefully you enjoyed our recap of almost everything that we did! Thanks to all of you for the words of encouragement, Tweets, and Facebook messages wishing us the best for the 2015 Podcast Awards. Although it was not what we expected, we were proud to be nominated and happy for all of the people that won. (I know we completely sh*t on the night and truthfully I think they deserved every stinky ounce of it but we were still glad we were there to experience it. Even if it was just for great stories and no awards.) 

Special thanks to Carrot Top and his entire team for being so kind to us. You're the best, my man and I'm excited to get you in our studio to shoot the sh*t even more. 

My last love note goes out to Dan Cummins, Andrea Lowell and all of the producers of "The Playboy Morning Show." Not only do you guys have the best f*cking jobs in the world but you are some of the most professional people that we've ever worked with in our lives. It was more than a pleasure doing the show and we hope that we get to do it again at some point. You guys are always welcome on our show if you're ever in Orlando. 

And on that note - on yesterday's show:

The boys are back from Vegas!


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Kite drones - wait - don't call it a drone!

Carrot Top Interview

Ross has a Dad dong

Podcast Awards

Tom was paralyzed with awkward fear

Worst announcer EVER

"Dan" is so difficult to say

Tom's pee pee problem

40 Turds

The Once a Year Sand Storm

Dusty Rhodes hosting the Podcast Awards

Best Baby Contest = $250

Aryan Bird Flu

The Amazingness that is Dan Cummins and Playboy Radio

Whiskey Pete's - No Need To Wipe Your Boots

Gratuitous Nudity Button

4 chili dogs at LA's Pinks

I can't tell you how happy we both are to be back with you guys and how happy we both are that you provided us with the nomination to head out to Vegas. You guys are the best listeners in the world and we're honored to try and make you smile each week. 

Special shout out to the BDM event that went on last night - I wanted to stop by but my allergies are still kicking my ass and my sleep is f*cked. 

Love you guys and enjoy,



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