A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

Today's show was insane!!! Insane - US. Insane - OTHER PEOPLE. Some would call that a mess, but Tom and I love it more than anything in the world. Most of you know that we're trying to move the podcast studio to a whole new building. Not only is this a really massive project, but it does take a great deal of time. To all of you - We can not thank you enough for all of the support and love that we've been receiving lately. We know that some have labeled us "The Best Radio Show in Orlando, Florida" and lately we've been feeling like we ARE!

On today's show:

-Tommy Hilfiger doesn’t hate black people

-Tom’s trip to the bank

-S sandal

-S scale system

-LOL at podcasts?

-AMT Party line!

-"Certified Wound Specialist" 

-Man barn

-We call Billy Jean

-Dean Billy Dean Aldean The Machine - Jason Aldean’s cousin

-Too rich for memory

-Guests using the bathroom

-We hate Timehop

-Remembering wedding dates

-Salmon fishing in Alaska

-Tom at City Hall

-Tom crashes the Volvo 

-2 feet blind backup

-El Chapo update

Thanks again kids. All of you that support and give an F about indie broadcasting are truly in luck - we're going to have one of the best studios ever. None of this would be possible if we did not have the engagement of listeners like you! So…thanks again for the love and support and we truly hope that you really enjoy today's show. If you had as much fun as we did - we think that you'll be just fine.


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