A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

Good morning fine listeners, "scumbags", and anyone else that might happen to be up this early,

Dan here.

I'm currently watching Maisie eat some Sugarkiss Mellon and I'm having a Jimmy Dean Turkey Sausage Sunriser. Ahhhhhhh...Dad Life. I can honestly say that I think she got the better end of the bargain here. If you've never had a Sugarkiss Mellon and like anything like cantaloupe, make sure you try it. It's like the sweetest thing that you've ever had in your life. I digress.

Apologies for getting this show write up out a day late but as a lot of you guys know, Tom and I had to peace out from the studio in record time. Both of us were in charge of the on field announcements for last night's Orlando City match. I wish that I could say that our team got the full 3 points - we did not - but we did end with a nil/nil tie and at least took one point away from what can only be described as a terribly trying week. For those of you that don't follow soccer, OCSC decided to part ways with the only coach that we've ever known, Adrian Heath. I'm not going to lie, it was more than a shock to me at first but I do understand how sports and more importantly the sports business works. This week was tough but I will say that yesterday's show made me feel a hell of a lot better.

Thanks very much to Owen from "The Oh No Radio Show" for helping to do the news. (As many of you know - Ross took the summer off to spend time with his kids but he did pop by yesterday to hang it. Good stuff.) Owen did a fantastic job and it was more than a pleasure having him hang with us. Check out his show HERE!

On yesterday's show:

-Owen from Oh No Radio is sitting in 

-Super Mario Ken is here

-Tom Vann off!

-Vann paradox

-Tom almost kills his family with fireworks

-Tom doesn’t know how shot glasses work

-Ross and rat traps

-Ant farm sandals

-Beardmun Babies

-Hippos are monsters

-Shame porn

-Mediocre Messages

-Midwest Meetup

I think you're really going to like this show as much as I did. I thought it was a goodie and all over the place. Special thanks again to OTHER Tom Vann for taking the time to call us and be a part of the show. He was fantastic and a really, really good sport.

Until Monday - have a fantastic weekend and be safe out there!


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This show is pretty self-explanatory. Basically, if the title includes the word "Interview" and then a proper name, you can pretty much bet that's exactly what you're going to get. In this day and age, most everything requires a "description." We don't believe in that. Just call us old school. It might also be one of our many special feature or bonus shows. Wouldn't a perfect description of it sort of ruin the surprise of releasing a new and special show for you? Or we might just being completely lazy - you'll never know. We hope that you enjoy the show and thanks, as always, for the love and support! - t&d

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