A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

Hey there!

Apologies for the late show notes but I really did do my best to try and stay off of the phone AND the computer this holiday weekend. It's so hard when you're half of a team who runs a business and especially when you're the front line of all emails that come into the company. In saying that, I hope that you all had a great time, spent a little time with your families, and enjoyed the show that we put out for you.

On this weekend show:

Anderson Cooper look-alike at the mall aka "Gangster Cooper"

-Tom made another Youtube video “Daddy Scrapes His Toes”

-F-16 escorting a jumbo jet story

-Polyamory talk

-B-hole lips

-Ticket Challenge

Thanks again to all of you guys for supporting the show, downloading, buying the merch and more importantly wearing it! It means so much to the show because we don't have the advertising budget that most other companies do. So 1 shirt in a sea of Ron-Jon and "Stay Calm and Chive On" shirts really does go a very long way. Well, I've got to get to work or more importantly, I've got to sit here and make sure our studio air gets repaired. American Air and Heat is here so I have nothing but confidence that they're going to get us up and running ASAP. Until next time!


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This show is pretty self-explanatory. Basically, if the title includes the word "Interview" and then a proper name, you can pretty much bet that's exactly what you're going to get. In this day and age, most everything requires a "description." We don't believe in that. Just call us old school. It might also be one of our many special features or bonus shows. Wouldn't a perfect description of it sort of ruins the surprise of releasing a new and special show for you? Or we might just be being completely lazy - you'll never know. We hope that you enjoy the show and thanks, as always, for the love and support! - t&d

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