A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

I love what I do. I do.

I know that I work almost all of the time, but it's just f'n fun to do this, and I really and sincerely hope that all of you enjoy it just a quarter of how much I enjoy trying to put stuff together that will make you smile. 

Today's show was an f'n banger! A BANGER, I TELL YA! I've been talking to Sabrina (The News Junkie Radio Show and local comedian) about stopping by and just popping in and hanging on the show, and today we were able to make that happen. 


  • Samantics, 2-year party, is tonight
  • Tom’s backyard projects
  • Super Bowl bets
  • Spider ravioli 
  • Poo gate with Crystal and the neighbor
  • Waiting til 6:30…
  • Landlines
  • Hungry Florida Man
  • Man wigs
  • Dan fails at Paying it Forward
  • Low emission parking- Poison-mobile
  • Sabrina stops by
  • Gyno visits/Gynocast
  • Best drunk food 
  • Big Yachty 
  • Bank vaults
  • Tom Vanntura


Have a beautiful Saturday and congrats again to Samantha on the 2-year celebration! She's a great producer, podcast host, and friend. 

See ya Monday! 


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