A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

Happy Monday morning, fine listeners! 

This is going to be one of those strange accelerated weeks for us when we try to make sure that everything at the studio is taken care of before we head out on the Tom and Dan Cruise. Thankfully, we're a little more organized than we have been so I'm not expecting things to e a real "s-show." Let's just hope that all of the electronics on the boat are in good working order. I'm not sure if you remember but the last two times that we've done anything with Dan Cummins, but it's been an f'n disaster! (There was OLE, and then there was the messed up recording from last July at The Orlando Improv. Our track record is pretty bad. Hahaha...) With all of that said, please enjoy this "super-sized" Friday Free Show and I'll be talking to you guys on the today's BDM shows! 

On this week's show:

  • Bad bouquets 
  • Zach from Ohio calls in; he booked a sketchy hotel 
  • Bahamas/Cruise talk
  • Tom’s ticket update
  • Pee Boners
  • Tommy is being bullied
  • Gothopotomus
  • Pull-out method
  • Tom tattoos for 10K
  • Pull-out method
  • Blind text game
  • Six degrees of grifting
  • Crystal picking up kids in WRX
  • Doing anything is hard

Thanks to all of you who have been catching the stream LIVE on Twitch and remember, I've been uploading all of the Friday Free Shows and comedian interviews on YouTube. Please take the time to share and subscribe. It helps us out, and if you're not already subscribing on Twitch and have Amazon Prime, you can really help the show out by subscribing. Amazon will go and give us three bucks, and that allows us to get more and greater equipment and hopefully build the mobile rig that we want to have by the middle of this year.

Have a wonderful day and we'll be talking to you later for the OG and the BDM shows of the week!

All the best,


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