A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.
And just like that, it's another Friday Free Show in the books! This one was a little odd in the fact that we didn't have an Improv comic in the morning. We all had a few obligations and just to pull that curtain back a little bit, it was John Witherspoon. Here's the thing; he's a great man - a legend - and nothing but kind - BUT - with that said, I'm not sure what we can talk to him about at this point. Some of these guys have been doing this for so long, that when we get the chance to talk to them, I just want them to take care of themselves and go to bed! John falls under that category. He's the nicest man but get your rest Pops. People will come to see you this weekend. I don't doubt that one bit. Oh, but why was it odd? Well, we seemed to have a great deal of time to get things done so it makes the Friday not feel quite like a Friday. Even now, those are some of the hardest days that we work. We record from 10 am until pretty much 5 pm. Yeah, it's too long and we're working on that. We might be cutting back on the recording in the near future.
On this week's show:
  • Bus’ big ol’ bus
  • Can you be anything you want to be?
  • 80s drug commercials
  • Best advice to give kids
  • We call Mama Dennis about Dan lying about a choir performance
  • Caller- Update on prancing boss
  • White trash Oompa Loompa
  • Bus News
  • Florida Man birthday challenge
  • Coors sues Anheiser-Busch
  • Shaq’s the new board member for Papa John’s
  • New Woodstock/music fest
  • Crazy church lady video
  • The Stiff Dad
  • Tom is baby Kermit
  • Male on mail
  • Carl from Minnesota
  • Level 10 Carl 
if you want to see what it looks like when you have a computer program crash, check out this show on Twitch. GarageBand crashed about 30 minutes into the show and now I'm fairly proficient at not freaking out and fixing it. (If you need to be walked through these steps, hit me up. I'd love to help out. Dan@TomandDan.com - As always, thanks to all of you who caught the show live on Twitch, thanks to all of you who check out the show replays on YouTube, thanks to all of you who download wherever you snag your podcasts, and thanks to all of you who are BDMs and ensure that we can keep doing more and more T&D shows!
We love you guys and we'll see you Monday for OG, BDM, and ACT shows!
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