A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.


Happy Friday and welcome to the weekend, everyone! (If you're a BDM member, the entire show cast will see you tomorrow for the summer BDM meet-up! We're really stoked to spend a little bit of time with all of you and your families at an "undisclosed location." Hahaha... If you're not a BDM member, then feel free to use THIS LINK to sign up and join in all of the fun! The BDM shows are tremendous, and we've been trying to do some different and fun shows for you guys...BUT...the BDM meet-ups are the best part! Getting to hang with you guys and laugh is the absolute best part of what we get to do. See you tomorrow afternoon!)


We thought that we were going to have comedian Majah Hype on the show today but as I type this, all of his shows at The Orlando Improv are all sold out, and Tom just told me canceled. That's too bad. I really enjoy it when we get to chat with new comedians and folks that haven't been in the game very long and this guy is somewhat new...with an assload of success! At any rate, good luck snagging a ticket for his shows this weekend. Maybe we'll get to chat with him when he rolls back through again.


Thanks for all of the feedback that you guys have been leaving for me regarding the new Mediocre App update. Both iOS and Android have updates, but that doesn't mean that we're not going to have issues or bugs. If you would do me a huge favor and shoot me an email if you find a bug, I'll be your best friend. (Not really.) Show@TomandDan.com is the email address that I use to pass on to the developers so thank you in advance. We're going to be meeting in the next couple of weeks to get to the bottom of what new features we'd like to add. If you have any ideas or critiques, please get at us, and I'll be sure to pass all of that along.


New shirts and hats should be hitting the webpage in the next couple of months. I know that sounds like a lot of time, but we've got some pretty rad prototypes that we're trying to get designed and then put into production. Fitted caps - straw hats - tank tops - towels - all sorts of cool sh*t! We think that you're going to like them and the wait shouldn't be much longer. Keep your eyes peeled. 


On this week's show:

  • Gender switch Snapchat filters
  • Seth is here with news: Going to Chicago
  • Racist tax
  • Impossible burgers at BK
  • Sports Illustrated- First model to wear hijab/burkini
  • GOT letdowns
  • The Royal baby- Archie
  • Gripes
  • Dr. Masseuse
  • Dating Apps
  • Mail on male
  • The motion of the ocean debate again
  • Hours worked per week
  • Bus McGruff
  • Gungala Gungala
  • Sesame Seeds


Thanks for hanging with us and for pressing play, folks! Have a wonderful weekend and be safe out there! We'll chat with you Monday for an on-location BDM show on the White Claw Sport Fishing Boat and an OG show with comedian Maz Jabroni! 

All love,



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