A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan
The most mediocre time you'll ever have.

Happy Saturday, guys! Dan here! As I close down the studio for the day, please know how much it means to me and Tom that you take the time to listen to the BS that we barf out. You guys are the best. Here's your Best Of. :) - d

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Hey there, kids! Are we ok? You ok? Is this thing on?

I know that sh*t is hard right now, but you have my promise that we work tirelessly to make you laugh. And that's it. Nothing more. We know our lane. 😎 Thanks for hanging with us this Friday afternoon and let's get into it, shall we?

On this week's show:

* It's hard to live

* Tom's boat storage debacle

* Orlando Sentinel was sent to collections

* This is your fault, Bob! 

* Ross' POS news

* NASA banning terms

* World's most expensive corona mask 

* Simon Cowell broke his back 

* Grampire


We're trying these days to do a hard 2 hours and then get the F out because we know that we have a tendency to ramble and then the show is like 4 hours long and drunk and a mess. We're sure that you understand. And if you've got feedback, hit us up - show@tomanddan.com and on that note, I'm going to go listen to Spotify and get all of this damned talk radio/podcast BS out of my head. Hahahaha...

We love you guys and we'll see you on Monday. Have a safe and wonderful week. Try to make the best of it. 💖


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